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5 feb. 2013

Pentaho 12 days of Visualizations, samples working

During holiday season Pentaho was unveiling 12 useful visualizations that can be downloaded and plugged into the Pentaho platform. We´ve been working for a while with them and we are using some of them in our Champions League Analytics Application

After this sample, we are comfortable in case we had to use it on any Dashboard so was a great initiative from Pentaho as they improve look and feel

You can access under the 'Lab' section:

Hope you like and find it useful. If you have any suggestion about new advance visualization charts, don´t hesitate to write us with your ideas in order to include it

 Sunburst in action

3 comentarios:

Juan José Gómez Morales dijo...

La presentación de la información mejora bastante con estas presentaciones. Pero es aplicable estas visualizaciones a 4.5 CE ?

Todo BI dijo...

Juan Jose,

Si, si es aplicable, de hecho, Tablero Champions está creado con Pentaho CE.
Pronto mostraremos otros ejemplos de estas visualizaciones funcionando en Pentaho CE

Juan José Gómez Morales dijo...

Muchas gracias.