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22 abr. 2013

Talking about Facebook, Twitter, Sentiment Analysis, Data Mining and Pentaho

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To keep track of users and marketing campaigns, professionals are facing with the problem of having to access various online analytical tools that are not developed considering the individual needs of these professionals and other common needs, so only can analyze the information in a limited way. Furthermore, making this track users across these platforms, the information is distributed and decentralized without allowing crossing it.

From Stratebi, we have mixed the potential of free and open source BI tools with data from various internet sources (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Comscore, Omniture ...) to create a fully customized solution who can answer the most various performance indicators (KPIs) that the professional is willing to analyze internet and social networks, allowing to mix and analyze data from different perspectives.

Gracias a al uso de Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) y Pentaho Data Mining (Weka) y unos buenos conocimientos técnicos, todo es posible!!

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