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Pentaho Analytics. Un gran salto

Ya se ha lanzado Pentaho 8 y con grandes sorpresas. Descubre con nosotros las mejoras de la mejor suite Open BI

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La solución open source para business intelligence y Big Data sobre Pentaho, no te lo pierdas!!

30 dic. 2013

Big Data series (5): Splunk

Continuamos con nuestra serie sobre Big Data, que ya comenzamos con HBase, Zookeeper, MongoDB y VoltDB,

Descargar Splunk up and running

Más info sobre Big Data y Analytics

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  • ¿Qué es?
  • Características Principales
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26 dic. 2013

Book Review: Pentaho 5.0 Reporting By Example

PACKT Publishing
Writers: Mariano García Mattío, Dario R. Bernabeu
Paperback: 342 pages
Link to the book page.

Pentaho Report Designer is the best open source tool for creating reports. It is integrated within the Pentaho BI suite and covers all the necessary functions in a reporting tool.
This book explains simply and with several examples how you may create a report following a series of steps, no previous knowledge is required.

Download review in english and spanish

OSBI Tips in December 2013

Now you can check latest tips on Business Intelligence Open Source, mainly Pentaho, Ctools and Saiku in December. You can follow all the historic tips from stratebi demo, under new info icon.
This month with great stuff:

-         Expose your Pentaho Kettle transformation as a web service

-  Kettle Tableau integration
-          New step for the Kettle marketplace reading text from any file format using Apache Tika