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Lanzados ppts informativos de tecnologías BigData: Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Zookeeper...

Apuntate al Curso de PowerBI. Totalmente práctico, aprende los principales trucos con los mejores especialistas

Imprescindible para el mercado laboral actual. Con Certificado de realización!!

Pentaho Analytics. Un gran salto

Ya se ha lanzado Pentaho 8 y con grandes sorpresas. Descubre con nosotros las mejoras de la mejor suite Open BI

LinceBI, la mejor solución Big Data Analytics basada en Open Source

LinceBI incluye Reports, OLAP, Dashboards, Scorecards, Machine Learning y Big Data. Pruébala!!

12 dic. 2017

Comparativa de herramientas Business Intelligence

Os presentamos un Estudio muy completo de unas 300 páginas que han realizado nuestros compañeros especialistas en Business Intelligence, Stratebi, con una comparativa y análisis detallados de algunas de las herramientas Business Intelligence que más aceptación están teniendo ultimamente:

- PowerBI
- Tableau
- Qlikview
- Pentaho
- Information Builders
- Amazon Quicksight

Un estudio muy completo para todos los interesados en implementar una solución business intelligence

9 dic. 2017

The Visual Reference for Dashboards

Muy interesante infografía sobre la mejor forma de utilizar los gráficos en los Dashboards de PowerBI que, evidentemente, valen para todo tipo de Dashboards

4 dic. 2017

Ebook gratuito, La Consultoria con Humor

Ya podéis bajaros el libro de 'La Gacela de Wirayut' para leer en vuestro tablet preferido de forma gratuita, en formato pdf.

A todos los que habéis trabajado, trabajais en el mundo de la consultoría, o habéis tratado con consultores, seguro que hay muchas cosas que os resultan familiares.

Se da un repaso a la inutilidad de muchas reuniones de trabajo, la relación con los jefes, el uso del e-mail y de internet, la hipocresía en muchas empresas.

Un apasionante viaje a las profundidades de las empresas. Lugares en donde pasamos gran parte de nuestra vida sin comprender realmente que hacemos allí. Esperemos que os guste y además gratis!!

¿Te llevas bien con tu jefe o solo disimulas?, ¿Utilizas Internet para temas relacionados con tu trabajo o con tu ocio?, ¿Alguna vez has trabajado en el extranjero sin saber apenas inglés?


0. Introducción. La Gacela de Wirayut
1. De moquetas y despachos
2. Tienes un e-mail
3. Haciendo amigos (seguridad, limpieza, mantenimiento)
4. Que bien.... reunión
5. Trabajar en el extranjero (Como Tarzán en Sarajevo)
6. En tierra extraña (cuando se llega a una empresa ‘cliente’)
7. El Alien ‘ado’
8. Reuniones anuales, Kick-offs
9. ¿Un coffee y hablamos?
10. Internet... no se puede estar sin él
11. Momento Rocky Balboa

1 dic. 2017

Open Source for Analytics White Paper

Muy interesante este reciente white paper (no es muy extenso la verdad), cuyo punto más interesante es que está sponsorizado por SAS. Si, por SAS

Al igual que hizo Microsoft hace unos años, fabricantes tradicionales se están viendo superados por la irrupción del Open Source: R, sin ir más lejos y están tratando de ubicarse
En uno de los puntos de la tabla de contenidos se habla del interesante enfoque de 'como pueden convivir el software comercial y el open source', que también habría podido ser; 'Cómo puede sobrevivir el software comercial'

  • NUMBER ONE Understand open source analytics tools 
  • NUMBER TWO Consider open source analytics opportunities 
  • NUMBER THREE Be mindful of open source analytics challenges 
  • NUMBER FOUR Think about the business use case 
  • NUMBER FIVE Consider using open source and commercial products together 
  • NUMBER SIX Learn the analytics techniques

28 nov. 2017

Analyzing Ashley Madison Files with Pentaho

Now, you can access from the website to Ashley Madison files revealed using Business Intelligence Open Source tools like Pentaho, Mondrian, STPivot, Saiku, d3.js...

You can find predefined reports, analysis and dashboards or you can create your own, slicing by sex, age, country, city, sexual orientation, ethnicity, drink and smoke habits, height, weight and more

Hope you like!!

25 nov. 2017, impresionante!!

Queréis sentiros como un 'big brother y controlar todo lo que se escucha en las radios del mundo? Radio.Garden

How it works?

It's quite simple. This technology is called streaming audio. For example, “SHOUTCAST” is an internet broadcasting tool, used for audio streaming. It can be used by radio stations to bring audio to an internet audience. It uses the very popular mp3 technology for audio delivery. The station broadcasts through the internet instead of broadcasting through radio waves. It is powerful and stable. There is no need for any complicated or expensive software or hardware at the receiving end either - a simple desktop PC and broadband connection will work fine.
RADIO GARDEN is the brainchild of Jonathan Puckey, who is based in Netherlands and is the main person behind this project. The main idea is to help radio makers and listeners connect with distant cultures and/or re-connect with home thousands of miles away. Radio Stations who are willing to be heard on RADIO GARDEN simply register with the webmaster who then pinpoints the location of the station on the world map and provides a hyperlink to the URL of the station. The DJ sends audio data from the station's computer to a central SHOUTcast server that then turns around and streams it out to all connected listeners. I believe, so far more than 10,000 stations have registered. Radio Garden is funded with public money from the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision; there is no commercial aspect to the project right now.
Listening to big radio stations is passe. Talk about remoteness. Great music, too. Do give it a try - you will be pleasantly surprised!

Is AI the future?

22 nov. 2017

21 nuevos puestos IT para el futuro

1. Data detective

Data detectives would investigate organizational data across a company, generating meaningful business answers and recommendations based on examining information generated by Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, devices, sensors, biometric monitors, traditional computing infrastructure, and next-gen fog, mesh, edge, and neural capabilities.

2. Bring your own IT facilitator

Someone in this position would be responsible for fusing an organization's shadow IT operations with its digital workplace strategy. This facilitator would create a system for visibility into on- and off-premises environments, mobile and desktop systems, and applications and services consumed by corporate users to mitigate risks.

3. Ethical sourcing officer

An ethical sourcing officer would lead an ethics team, and ensure that the allocation of corporate incomes aligns with the standards set by customers and employees. This person would also investigate, track, negotiate, and forge agreements around the automated provisioning of goods and services, to ensure ethical agreement with stakeholders.

4. Artificial intelligence business development manager

An AI business development manager would work to sell AI products to customers. This professional would work with sales, marketing, and partner teams to develop and deploy targeted AI sales and business development activities.

5. Master of edge computing

The master of edge computing would define a company's IoT roadmap, carefully evaluate the technical requirements needed, and assess the feasibility for establishing the edge processing unit and measure the return on investments.

6. Walker/talker

A walker/talker would act as a conversational companion to elderly people, connecting with seniors through a platform similar to Uber.

7. Fitness commitment counselor

This individual would remotely provide one-on-one regular coaching and counseling sessions to improve wellness for participants, and track their progress via wearables.

8. AI-assisted healthcare technician

In this role, a person would be on the road and in surgery to examine, diagnose, administer and prescribe appropriate treatment to patients, aided by the latest AI technology and remotely accessible doctors.

9. Cyber city analyst

A cyber city analyst would ensure the safety, security, and functionality of a city, by ensuring a steady flow of data and keeping all technical equipment functioning.

10. Genomic portfolio director

This individual would be a business executive with a strong commercial background, who can shape the future growth of a company's biotechnology research and ensure that new product offerings fit customers' ongoing health requirements.

11. Man-machine teaming manager

As humans and robots increasingly collaborate, a man-machine teaming manager would help combine the strengths of each to meet business goals.

12. Financial wellness coach

A financial wellness coach could offer banking customers coaching to understand digital banking options and improve their financial health.

13. Digital tailor

Digital tailors would go to retail customers' homes to perfect the fit and finish of their e-commerce-ordered clothes.

14. Chief trust officer

This professional would work alongside finance and PR teams to advise on traditional and cryptocurrency trading practices to maintain integrity and brand reputation.

15. Quantum machine learning analyst

Quantum machine learning analysts would research and develop innovative solutions by applying quantum technologies to improve the speed and performance of machine learning algorithms, and address real-world business problems in the fastest time possible.

16. Virtual store sherpa

A virtual store sherpa would assist customers with their online shopping, to help them better find the product that will meet their needs.

17. Personal data broker

These individuals would execute data trades on behalf of clients, and track new ways of maximizing a client's return on data.

18. Personal memory curator

A personal memory curator would create seamless virtual environments for elderly customers to inhabit. This person would consult with patients and stakeholders to generate specifications for virtual reality experiences that bring a particular time, place, or event to life to combat memory loss.

19. Augmented reality journey builder

AR journey builders would design, write, create, calibrate, gamify, and personalize the next generation of AR experiences.

20. Highway controller

This professional would act as a full-time space controller to regulate road and airspace in a large city by monitoring and programming AI platforms used for space management of autonomous cars and drones.

21. Genetic diversity officer

Beyond racial or gender diversity, a genetic diversity officer would work closely with business unit heads to ensure genetic inclusion within an organization.

Visto en Techrepublic

17 nov. 2017

Pentaho Community 2017, Resumen de la 10 Edicion en Mainz, Alemania

En este año 2017, hemos llegado a la edición número 10 del evento más importante para los desarrolladores y comunidad de Pentaho y como todos los años, pasamos a haceros un resumen de lo más interesante.

Agradecer al equipo de IT-Novum y la comunidad de Pentaho (Pedro Alves), su gran trabajo en la organización

Por nuestra parte, nuestro granito de arena a la comunidad es STPivot4, que ya se ha hecho el 'pull request' para que esté disponible en Pentaho Marketplace


Stefan Müller, el gran organizador, abriendo el evento

  • 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM:    All about Pentaho 8.0, Pedro Alves | Senior Vice President Community at Pentaho
Siempre, la presentación más esperada
    • 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM:    What’s new in PDI 8.0?, Jens Bleuel | Sr. Product Manager Data Integration at Pentaho
    • 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM:    What’s brewing in the Pentaho Labs?, Matt Casters | Chief Architect, PDI Kettle Project Founder at Pentaho
    • 11:30 AM - 11:50 AM: Introducing Pentaho on the Hitachi Vantara Community , Jill Ross | Enterprise Community Manager Hitachi Vantara
    • 11:50 AM - 12:20 PM:    CERN's Business Computing Accelerated by Pentaho, Jan Janke | Deputy Group Leader of Administrative Information Systems at CERN

Sesiones Técnicas:

Presentación de Hiromu Hota: SpoonGit (Git client integration with spoon)

Slawo, un experto en PDI y ETLs como Testear PDI Solutions

Desde Letonia, eazyBI, proporciona entorno BI para JIRA

Nelson Sousa, uno de los expertos en Pentaho más divertidos

Understanding the Pentaho CDE NewMapComponent from Kleyson Rios

Ejemplo de uso de Pentaho en la Sanidad en Africa (Mozambique)

Pentaho PDI and the Jare Ruleengine from uwe geercken

Código para los ejercicios del libro de Francesco Corti:  Pentaho 8 Reporting for Java Developers


Matt Casters, el genial creador de PDI-Kettle, buen amigo que estuvo en nuestras oficinas en España en alguna ocasión

Tiempo para la cena:

Detalle en inglés, en el blog de IT-Novum y en el de Hitachi Vantara

11 nov. 2017

Cool t-shirts for Analytics fans

Our colleagues from Stratebi have made us a very cool gift. Some t-shirts for fans of Analytics: Data Ninja, Dashboards Samurai, Data Mining Jedi, and Big Data Hulk

Hope to share them with all our course students

9 nov. 2017

Charla introducción a Apache Cassandra y NoSQL

Si hace unos días, os dejábamos disponibles la charla de los Open Spaces sobre Real Time Big Data con Apache Storm, hoy tenéis el video y la presentación del más que interesante de Cassandra, pieza fundamental en gran parte de los proyectos y desarrollos Big Data Analytics.
También se realiza una breve introducción al ecosistema NoSQL. Siempre con el foco en su implementación real en proyectos y su vertiente analítica 

Si os es útil y os gusta, no dejéis de darnos feedback para continuar con nuevos materiales

30 oct. 2017

Workshop gratuito BI Open Source Pentaho en Lima, Peru (21 de Noviembre)

Os presentamos un más que interesante Workshop gratuito de Pentaho en Lima, Perú. Será realizado por los especialistas de Stratebi


Para todos los que se quieran dedicar al mundo del Business Intelligence, profesionales de las tecnologías de información, gestores de TI, consultores en Business Intelligence, Analistas de Negocio, Analistas de sistemas, arquitectos Java, desarrolladores de sistemas, administradores de bases de datos, desarrolladores y profesionales con relación a el área de tecnología, marketing, negocio y financiera.
Si desean inscribirse o  formación 'online completa', adaptada a sus necesidades, pueden contactar con


El objetivo es enseñar al alumno las posibilidades para construir una solución de Business Intelligence (BI) para hacer el análisis de datos procedentes de diversas fuentes y sistemas, utilizando herramientas de software libre como Pentaho. Herramienta líder en el mercado Open Source.
También se hablará sobre otros entornos BI Open Source como Saiku, Ctools, Talend y otras soluciones desarrolladas por la comunidad.

29 oct. 2017

Project Maestro: ETL para Tableau

Que duda cabe, como indicábamos hace unos días en la comparativa entre Tableau y PowerBI que uno de los elementos que se achaca como carencia a Tableau es la ausencia de herramienta de ETL.

Lo cierto es que lleva bastante tiempo anunciando su propia herramienta ETL, Project Maestro, más de un año, aunque por lo que conocemos, se asemejaría más a un módulo de Data Preparation orientado a usuario final que una herramienta ETL completa. 

En nuestra opinión y práctica diaria, buena parte de compañías que usan Tableau y PowerBI, que tienen necesidades de ETL importantes, se decantan por el uso de Pentaho Data Integration y Talend Open Studio, para orquestar todos sus procesos

En cualquier caso, la iniciativa de Tableau es interesante para aquellas compañías/usuarios que no tengan necesidades importantes en cuanto a ETL y quieran hacerlas ellos mismos directamente

La cuestión... es que hay que seguir esperando... de momento

26 oct. 2017

New features in STDashboard for Pentaho

The improvements in this version of STDashboard are focused on user interface for panel and dashboard and also some enhancement in performance and close some old bugs. It works with Pentaho versions 5, 6 and 7

You can see it in action in this Pentaho Demo Online

About UI improvements:

 - New set of predefined dashboard templates. We have designed a new way to manage dashboard panels that allow you to shape the dashboard in almost any combination of size, proportion and amount of panel you want to have. For this reason we have created a set of different layouts for most common cases.

 - Self managed panel. Add and remove panels, now in stdashboard you can add or remove panels easily using the button inside each panel header.

 - New layout management. Now an stashboard layout is composed of a list panel container, the containers in this list are stacked vertically in the page. There are two types of such containers; horizontal and vertical, each one stores a list of real panels (the ones where the graph are drawn) in an horizontal or vertical flow, in this ways you can combine those panels to achieve almost any layout you can imagine.

 - Resizable panels. We have included the possibility of resize the panel horizontally or vertically, keeping the proportion of graph inside it in correspondence with horizontal adjacent panels without making an horizontal scroll in the page, that means if you shrink a panel horizontally and there is another panel in the same row, the other panels also shrink an a proportional way to allow all panels in a row fit the horizontal size of the window. 

Is interesting to note here that we have implemented this functionality using pure GWT API, to avoid external dependencies and ensure portability between browsers.

 - Draggable panels. Each panel in the entire dashboard can be dragged to any parent container. In the header of each single panel the is a handle that allow dragging the panels to any panel container in the dashboard.

 - Responsive Dashboard. The ability to resize dynamically the panels and graph when the window's dimensions change, or when a user make zoom in the page is now implemented, also in most phones the dashboard can be seen proportionally and keeping the original layout.

 - Persistent state of the layout. When you save a dashboard to a file, we are saving the visual state of it and store it in the file. Then, when you open the dashboard, all the details of visual interface are hold and you can see the dashboard exactly the same previous to saved, that means panels size, locations are restored effectively.

About performance:

 - In some points of the application an specific query was causing performance problem. To know if a member has child or not in a multilevel hierarchy, the previous code issued a query to list all the sons of that member and check if the size is greater than 0, our solutions in this case for this type of query was simply check the level of the current member and in this way answer that boolean query.

 - Connection to cubes using the new MondrianOlap4jDriver java class. This improve the connection performance and stability because is designed for mondrian connections, the previous code was using an standard JDBC connection.

About new enhacements:

- Date configuration for filters. Date dimension are special dimensions, because almost any cube has at least one defined and are very used for make range query over fact table, to allow dynamic filter in panels, we had to enable a .property file that allow the user to define their date dimension and configure the way they want to use it in queries.

Added the Pentaho File Explorer to allows the users navigation through the files stored in pentaho, like reports, documents, etc and embeed it inside a panel in the dashboard

See a Video Demo:

24 oct. 2017

Fintech radar en España, una nueva burbuja?

Que duda cabe, que el surgimiento de iniciativas tecnológicas alrededor del campo de las finanzas, Fintech, en España, puede considerarse una buena noticia.

No obstante, viendo experiencias pasadas de burbujas 2.0 y anteriores en el año 2.000, hay que se cautos; para separar el grano de la paja. De una bonita idea, logo, oficinas, etc... a su aplicación práctica con retorno de la inversión, puede distar mucho

En cualquier caso, la lista esta disponible, :-)

More than 2600 Open Data Portals around the world

The table of contents will give you a summary of all countries represented on this list. Simply click on a country’s name and the page will bring you to the correct section.

If you are curious about how we created this list, an article about it, thanks to OpenDataSoft

18 oct. 2017

Human Resources Analytics

Human Resources LinceBI Analytics solution is based on open source including KPIs, Reports, OLAP Analysis, Dashboards, Scorecards, Big Data and Machine Learning with 'predefined templates, dashboards and KPIs/ratios and fully customizable environment

Manage budgets efficiently and maximize revenues and costs in favour of collective benefit.

Do more with less! Through innovative techniques of Data Mining and Social Intelligence to maximize objectives, identifying trends related to workers behavior and satisfaction in order to answer their demands efficiently and improve engagement

15 oct. 2017

Comparativa de Costes Tableau vs PowerBI


Os dejamos un documento listo para descargar, con una comparativa muy completa de costes entre Tableau y PowerBI (hay que decir que el informe ha sido encargado por Tableau, por lo que puede tener cierto sesgo). 

Por ejemplo, en cuanto al esfuerzo de este tipo de proyectos, si tenemos en cuenta que ambas son herramientas de Data Discovery (usuario final), no se tiene suficientemente en cuenta la parte más importante, el modelado, ETL, Data Quality, etc... 

En la práctica, estas herramientas, necesitan también de herramientas ETL, metadatos, MDM, Data Quality que garanticen la correcta implementación en entornos en producción

Para una comparativa de funcionalidades técnicas echad un vistazo a la Comparativa de herramientas Business Intelligence

Ver también: Como preparar un entorno Big Data OLAP con Tableau y con PowerBI