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Top 25 Data Lineage tools for Data Governance

💎 Do you know the importance of Data Lineage within a Data Governance project?
🚀 Here are the best 25 Data Lineage tools (both commercial and open source) to achieve it

✅ A few days ago I told you about the best way to approach a Data Governance project, by using an initial Quick Assessment to identify everything you need to ensure your success:

📐 📏 What is Data Lineage?

“Data lineage is a visual representation of the overall flow of data. Includes the data origin, what happens to it, and where it moves over time"

"This allows organizations to assess the quality of their data before it is loaded into an analytics tool”

🔍 Key Benefits:

•Impact analysis
•Technical debt reduction
•Data Quality

More info in DBMS Tools:
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