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Lanzados ppts informativos de tecnologías BigData: Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Zookeeper...

Apuntate al Curso de PowerBI. Totalmente práctico, aprende los principales trucos con los mejores especialistas

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Pentaho Analytics. Un gran salto

Ya se ha lanzado Pentaho 8 y con grandes sorpresas. Descubre con nosotros las mejoras de la mejor suite Open BI

LinceBI, la mejor solución Big Data Analytics basada en Open Source

LinceBI incluye Reports, OLAP, Dashboards, Scorecards, Machine Learning y Big Data. Pruébala!!

24 ago. 2012

Business Intelligence: definição e exemplos Open Source

Definição de Business Intelligence com tecnologias Open Source. Nestes Slides mostramos como fazer um projeto BI com a ferramenta Open Source líder no mercado: Pentaho. Também se mostram exemplos e o futuro no BI

2 comentarios:

Jonas dijo...

Business Intelligence is what makes a difference in the business "competition nowadays. Lots of managers don't understand this. I didn't understand everything from the slide share because I don't speak the language, but fortunately I am BI speaker so I concluded to what you were trying to say. Also my software translator didn't translated well, it said that it translated from spanish to english but the language looks more like portuguese to me. I would've loved to understand everything but maybe next time when you will be writing in english maybe.

Todo BI dijo...

Yes, it´s portuguese, so if you translate from portuguese to english, should works fine for you.

As you mention, in our slides we tried to reflect not only definitions but our own experience in big 'real' business intelligence projects

You can check our presentation in english here: