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25 may. 2017

Available new Open Source OLAP viewer, STPivot4

STPivot4 is based on the old Pivot4J project where functionality has been added, improved and extended. These technical features are mentioned below.

Update: STPivot4 now is working with Pentaho 7. Run to download!!

GitHub STPivot4
For additional information, you may visit STPivot4 Project page at

Main Features:
  • STPivot4 is Pentaho plugin for visualizing OLAP cubes.
  • Deploys as Pentaho Plugin
  • Supports Mondrian 4!
  • Improves Pentaho user experience.
  • Intuitive UI with Drag and Drop for Measures, Dimensions and Filters
  • Adds key features to Pentaho OLAP viewer replacing JPivot.
  • Easy multi-level member selection.
  • Advanced and function based member selection (Limit, Ranking, Filter, Order).
  • Let user create "on the fly" formulas and calculations using
  • Non MDX gran totals (min,max,avg and sum) per member, hierarchy or axis.
  • New user friendly Selector Area
  • and more…

4 comentarios:

Francisco Forero dijo...

Hello. Know you of some document in which will describe the process of installation of stpivot4 in pentaho ce 6.1?

Todo BI dijo...


It works as a Pentaho plugin same way as old jpivot does. We are working in some kind of documentation and we hope it will be available soon


Stratebi Team

Vitor Sgobbi dijo...

Hello, it didn't work with Pentaho CE 7.0, 7.1 and 8.0, the plugin gets stucked on loading interface with message "Pelase wait a moment..." and nothing appears.
Any solutions?

Best regards, Vitor Sgobbi

Carolina dijo...

Hello! I've installed pentaho 5.4 Bi-Server community edition, and the plugin not working; show a message "Sorry we really did try. Something went wrong".
With which version of pentaho the plugin is running??

Best regards