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29 abr. 2018

Introducing STMonitoring for Pentaho

One of the things more useful when you are running a Pentaho production environment with a lot of users accessing the BI server, using reports, dashbords, olap analysis... is monitor the whole user performance.


That´s why we´ve created STMonitoring (included free in all of the projects we help to develop and in some solutions, like LinceBI). It includes a set of predefined dashboards, reports and olap analysis based on several monitoring models including:

User session events model:

- Analysis by year, month, day, hour and minute
- Session event (login, logout)
- User
- Session status (abandoned, ended, started)
  • Session Duration
  • Session Avg Duration
  • Session Max Duration
  • Session Min Duration
  • Session Count
  • Acc. Login Count by Time
  • Avg. Login Session Count by Time
  • Max. Login Session Count by Time
  • Acc. Logout Count by Time
  • Avg. Logout Session Count by Time
  • Max. Logout Session Count by Time
  • Concurrent Sessions Count by Time

Server Content access model:

- Analysis by year, month, day, hour and minute
- User
- Content type (CDE, Pentaho Analyzer, CDE, Saiku Analytics, STPivot, STReport, STDashboard, Pentaho Reporting, STAgile...)
- Content extension (prpt, wcdf, xaction, xjpivot...)
- Content (complete path)

  • Duration
  • Avg duration
  • Access count

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