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Free book: Location Intelligence for Dummies

One more time, good news from one of our favourite partners: Carto [] You can see an example of the power of Location Intelligence (joining geomaps with Business Intelligence in this near real-time Dashboard with traffic information of Madrid City [

This is great, Fantasy Map Generator

It is a Fantasy Map Generator []based on D3 Voronoi diagram rendered to scalable svg. Use randomto genarate the map with default options, customizeto make your own shape. Project goal is to create a procedural generated map for my Medieval Dinastygame simulator. So a

iD v2 is now available on OpenStreetMap

The web-based iD editor is designed to help create an even better, more current OpenStreetMap by lowering the threshold of entry to mapping with a straightforward, in-browser editing experience. Head over to OpenStreetMap and start editing today []! You can make meaningful contributions with just

100 mapas que no te puedes perder

Gran recopilación en Visualoop []con los mejores 100 mapas del 2014. Para no perderselos, También puedes ver: * 100 Interactive Data visualizations – part one [] and two [] * Our favorite video keynotes [

Google Earth Pro es ahora gratis

"Google Earth Pro [], the premium version of Google's popular Google Earth []service, is now free" Esta es la frase mágica. Antes costaba unos 400 dolares al año. La versión