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Free whitepaper 'Big Data Analytics benchmark' for fastest Business Intelligence performance

The use of Business Intelligence (BI) systems usually gets a very fast and interactive response when using dashboards, reports and detailed analytical queries. BI applications that meet this interactive processing requirement are known as OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) applications. However, when we work with data sources with Big Data features

Microsoft compra CitusData

Comunicado de Microsoft con la compra de CitusData []y su compromiso con el open source, apostando claramente por PostgreSQL []: > "Yes, Citus really is Postgres. Not a fork, and not out of date. Citus is an extension to Postgres and stays

Nuevas funcionalidades en PostgreSQL 10

Muy intersantes, las nuevas funcionalidades que se anuncian para las versión PostgreSQL 10 []: Headline Features Declarative Partitioning [;a=commit;h=f0e44751d7175fa3394da2c8f85e3ceb3cdbfe63] .  In previous versions of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL supported only table inheritance, which could be used to

Citus 6.1 Released, escala tu Base de datos PostgreSQL

Interesantes novedades de Citusdata [], ver Community Edition [] Citus es una base de datos distribuida que permite escalar PostgreSQL (una de nuestras Bases de Datos favoritas), permitiendo usar todas las funcionalidades de PostgreSQL con las ventajas de escalar.